Biographical Information About Sok and Savy Em

Sok and Savy were both born in Cambodia. When revolution collapsed their country in the mid - seventies under Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge army, millions of Cambodians were slaughtered by their own national leaders. The story is told' in a movie called "The Killing Fields."
Hundreds of thousands of Cambodians escaped through the jungle to Thailand where they were held in refugee camps, some for several years, waiting to be accepted in some country receiving refugees. Among these, Sok and Savy escaped. Their first child Jenny, was born in the jungle during their escape. Two sons, Sam and Nathan, were born in a Thailand refugee camp where they waited for five years. It was in the refugee camp that they heard about Jesus. They believed and began sharing the good news about Jesus with others. Sok enrolled in training to become a pastor. By the time they were accepted to come to Canada in 1985, Sok was trained and ready to pastor Cambodian people in their new home country.

They arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, where they began immediately to minister to Cambodian families attending the church where Pastor Hyndman was senior pastor.

In 1990, Cambodia began allowing their escaped refugees to return to their homeland. Sok took the opportunity to visit his home village where as yet there were no Christians. He shared the story of Jesus by using the "Jesus" video. Three families became believers on that very first occasion. Over the next seven years the Lord enabled Sok and Savy to start seven churches in Cambodia and set up a training institute to train pastors for the new churches. With the help of Christians from Hong Kong, Canada, the US, and the Philippines they built two church buildings and a public school. They began an international child sponsorship program which includes the "House of Love" building where up to 100 children receive daily food and Christian training. Twice a year medical teams from Hong Kong give free medical and dental care in the surrounding villages.

Since 1999 these Cambodian churches have been under the care of Hong Kong Christians. Sok has been pastoring Cambodian congregations in Toronto and Hamilton. A few months ago an urgent request came from Christian leaders in another province in Cambodia for Sok to return to their area and establish a training school for pastors. Dozens of churches in that area have sprung up and hundreds of people are becoming Christians. But there is no available training for the pastors.

After much prayer, Sok and Savy have said "Yes, we'll go if God puts it in the hearts of his people to pray for us and financially support the work." Today they are making known the call of God to them. Is he calling you to be a part of this great move of God in Cambodia by supporting Pastor Em and Savy?